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Issue 12, January 2019
Q Facts
Welcome to our first Q-Facts in 2019, in this edition you can discover more about the causes of "noise" in soft magnetic cores and find out more about where you can meet our team. In the next few months, our technical experts will be exhibiting at EMV in Stuttgart and Paul Winkler will be presenting his paper at the 7th International Conference on System Modeling and Optimization (ICSMO) in Rome.
If you have any topics you would like us to feature in the future, please email us at q‑facts@acalbfi.com.
The issue with noisy cores and how to solve them
If you have used soft magnetic cores you will have experienced "noise", the most common is the hum of transformers in the 50Hz net, but where does this noise come from? Why is it sometimes negligible? And, why does it sometimes reach an unacceptable level?
In this paper, we explore the causes of noise between two different sources – the noise created by the action of magnetic flux within soft magnetic core and the noise created by magnetic flux when it is present between or outside the core, especially between core parts or within the windings and some of the methods you can use to reduce the noise.
The paper is free to download and is available via the link below:
Download the white paper
Our Custom Services for Magnetics Components team offers a variety of services that help to create unique component designs, overcome "noise" challenges and ensure designs meet specific industry standards.
For more information or for support with your magnetic component, contact Acal BFi here:
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Acal BFi’s Paul Winkler to present at the 7th ICSMO, 16 - 19 February
Inductance behaviour is strongly affected when high amounts of current saturate a material. The impact of this change varies between materials, however, using a constant value to simulate the inductance will provide inaccurate results.
Paul Winkler’s presentation will demonstrate a simple way to include saturation (given as any mathematical formula or by several measurement points), as a software function, into the mathematical description of an electric circuit.
See Paul Winkler’s presentation, “Direct modelling of Inductor Saturation Behaviour in a SPICE-like Transient Analysis”, in Rome at the 7th ICSMO from the 16th February and learn how to consider inductor saturation behaviour in a circuit simulation.
Learn more and register here
EMV 2019
Visit Acal BFi’s specialist Magnetics team at EMV 2019, 19 - 21 March
EMV is a specialist exhibition and conference enabling visitors to understand the wide and complex area of EMC and EMI mitigation. Here you can explore the industry’s latest products and trends, including new procedures and tools, changing regulations and standards, and uncover cutting edge technology and the latest solutions.
Our team will be on the Acal BFi stand at EMV, in Stuttgart, ready to discuss how you can overcome complex EMC challenges and create unique component designs.
Learn more and register here
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