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Issue 2, August 2016
Inductive components – today’s special is becoming tomorrow’s standard
intro Welcome to the second issue of Q-facts where we aim to keep you informed of the latest news and trends in the soft magnetic industry. In a survey we conducted at PCIM show, we discovered that very quickly, the industry is taking yesterday’s special products and making them today’s standard. As a result designs are becoming more complex.

In this issue we feature:
- Our test and measurement lab
- Keeping the flux inside iron powder pot cores
- PCIM 2016 - industry trends
Inside the test and measurement lab
Custom services for magnetic components has its own comprehensively equipped test and measurement lab that features all the capabilities you would expect to find to support the prototyping and manufacture of magnetic components.
brochure These unique capabilities are not readily found in the industry and include:
- programmable magnetic / electrical test equipment for standard parameters
- impedance analysis in the relevant frequency range
- high DC bias for impedance measuring, e.g. 60 A continuously and 1000 A pulse
- high voltage test up to 5.5 kV AC/DC
- partial discharge tests up to 10 kV
- testing parameters controlled between -40 and 300°C
Our lab can provide you with design and development services for customised inductive components, support with selection and adaption of special cores for power and EMI applications in a mid-frequency range, supervision of production for improved product quality.  Please click here to download our capabilities brochure.  
Testing during the design phase of a project is of vital importance and our engineering experts can guide and support you through this process. This will help you get the most out of testing ensuring reliable and efficient products are manufactured to the right specification.
contact us with further questions
Product insight – keep the flux inside with iron powder pot cores
Product insight After introducing planar E-Ferrite cores in our first issue, this issue will feature another interesting shape and material, iron powder pot cores.

Its space-saving shape that encapsulates the coil is optimal for EMI-sensitive applications, especially when an additional gap is needed. This compact design with flat surfaces enables high power density. You can read further about the general properties with our technical article. Inside you will also find additional design advice.
Acal BFi offers iron powder pot cores from Micrometals in two standard materials: mix -2 (µr =10) and mix -40 (µr = 60). Our datasheet includes further information about tolerances, dimensions and material properties. In addition to the characteristic distributed air gap, the middle-leg of the pot core can be ground to get smaller AL-values and to adjust the saturation curve of the coil.
Our engineering experts can help you choose the right design for your application. If you need information about other materials available or more dimension data just click on the request design help link below.
download technical article   download datasheet   request design help
Market – Trends seen at PCIM Europe 2016
Event As recently as a couple of years ago, products, once considered as special orders have now become part of a standard product offering. This applies to core shapes especially for powder cores, core materials, wire profiles, mounting and connection technologies. A flat wire vertical winding was considered highly specialised but today it is offered by many suppliers. In addition, there is a parallel trend of higher aggregation levels of components, like assembled units, up to the complete power supply product. Custom services for magnetic components and the entire Acal Group echoed this trend by showcasing the complete value chain from magnetic cores to the complete custom power supply.
Working as your technical partner, we can offer custom, cost-effective solutions to help you deliver your technical project. With our wealth of technology expertise, we offer expert support and guidance at every stage of your project.
Just request a call or visit from one of our engineering experts.
Your feedback and comments are very important to us. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see in future issues or have any questions or comments on any of the articles in this newsletter, please contact us at q‑facts@acalbfi.com.
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