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Issue 3, October 2016
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You can get the right core from Acal BFi, no matter what the specifications
magnetics-wheel-graphic_rework_simple_blue_verson5_no_logos.jpg Acal BFi is the only European provider of soft magnetic cores that stocks all four classes of materials from the world’s technology leaders in each class. This gives you immediate access to the best cores available to meet your application needs.

Our expertise and knowledge of the materials, their sub-variants and the market provides you with professional, manufacturer-independent recommendations and optimal solutions for your specific requirements. When a standard core does not meet your exact specifications, Acal BFi can develop a customised core. This means you don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf product.

Custom services for magnetic components offers direct consulting, training and advice on core materials and designs so we can help you design and specify the core you need that best fits your product and application.

In addition, we have now broadened our magnetic core portfolio with our own brand for amorphous and nanorystalline cores called Acal BFi kOr, making it easier for you to get the cores you need from one convenient source.
In this issue we feature:
- Insight into our research and development philosophy
- Acal BFi kOr – our own brand cores
- Part 1 of 4: Understanding magnetic materials
- Exciting news about Electronica 2016
Insight into our research and development philosophy
Insight into our research and development philosophy At Acal BFi we are committed to using the latest technologies and testing methods to make sure we provide you with the best possible product for your application. We work with universities around the world and provide internships for students who are at the forefront of research and development techniques. Alan, one of our interns, is studying for his Masters degree in electrical engineering at Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Testing to optimise customer designs
Alan’s assignment was to determine the loss measurement of PFC chokes to help evaluate and select cores and to monitor production quality. For this purpose, he implemented a PFC circuit for 800 W / 100 kHz using an ICE3PCS02/03G PFC controller. In addition to the calculation and selection of hardware components, the rapid detection and processing of currents and voltages were a challenge. Thanks to Alan’s outstanding design, we can now develop testing procedures for further loss measurement at various frequencies and consumer output. This measuring process is not available as standard but used to optimise our customers' designs whereby we design custom chokes. By committing ourselves to using research and development processes like this, we are able to provide you with the most technically accurate products available that match your specification requirements.
Product insight: Acal BFi kOr – a new line of magnetic cores
Acal BFi kOr Acal BFi has expanded our core product portfolio by including our own brand of high-quality amorphous and nanocrystalline cores called Acal BFi kOr. Our highly experienced technical specialists can provide you with expert advice on the multitude of materials, designs and applications of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores. Ensuring you get the optimum core design and material for your application.

Features and benefits of Acal BFi kOr:
- Speedy development of speciality cores
- High stability of product characteristics with the use of tape material exclusively from technological leaders, reliable production control and quality assurance
- User-oriented documentation for products and materials
- Proven logistics solutions with delivery from our warehouse
- Cost competitive products even with small order quantities
With the new Acal BFi kOr brand we focus on materials and designs that are in high demand, like kOr 156 (Fe‑amorphous, focus on cut cores) and kOr 120 (Fe‑nanocrystalline, focus on toroidal cores). For more information, please download our kOr brochure.

Acal BFi is your single source for magnetic cores of all materials, giving you the peace of mind that we can provide you with the right solution regardless of the core type and industry demands for certain materials.
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Understanding magnetic materials: How to select a core material (pt 1 of 4)
Understanding Magnetic Materials When developing inductive components like chokes, transformers, inductors or sensors, the choice of material is the first challenge. There are more than a dozen material classes, with a huge variety of sub-classes, brands, grades and types. A developer has to match their application requirements (as far as it is already known and translatable into material properties) with the parameters of each material and cost considerations. Often, after going through this lengthy process, the developer finds out that there is not an optimum solution available.

Cutting through the jargon
Our guide will help you gain an understanding of the materials worth considering and what technical questions you should ask for your application. We have complied this guide based on decades of experience working with our customers and providing them with the solutions they need. The guide (part 1 of 4) will provide you with quick, precise and independent answers cutting through scientific terms and company-specific jargon. After this first overview, the most interesting sub-classes will be introduced in the next three issues of Q-facts. We hope that this will serve as valuable support in your design phase. If this raises further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our technical specialists at q‑facts@acalbfi.com.
Download Understanding magnetic materials
Come and see Noratel transformers at Elektro Vakbeurs 2016
Elektro Vakbeurs 2016 is the place to be for electronic engineers to see the latest products and solutions. Visit our joint booth together with Opijnen Transformer Solutions. We will demonstrate our latest transformers of our sister company Noratel. You can talk with our industry experts that will answer your technical questions.
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Visit Acal BFi at Electronica 2016
Visit Acal BFi at electronica 2016 At our stand in Hall A2, no. 625, we will present our new Acal BFi kOr product range. Our engineers will be available to answer your questions, help you with designs and material selections.

Acal BFi and five of our sister companies will provide you with invaluable insight into the services, products and custom design solutions that we can provide. From magnetic cores and inductive components, to power supplies, EMC and thermal management, Electronica is the perfect opportunity for you to speak with engineers from Acal BFi, RSG, Noratel, Myrra, Flux and MTC to discover the perfect solutions for your application.
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