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Issue 5, April 2017
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Pushing inductive component design to the limit
Pushing inductive component design to the limit
In this issue of Q-Facts we feature the prototyping service offered by CSfMC, we bring you the third part of our Soft Magnetic Core guide, with a focus on Ferrite materials, and we take you a step beyond simple analytical design calculations. And don’t forget, you can meet our Acal BFi engineers on Booth 427, Hall 6 at PCIM Europe on 16th-18th May.
Inside CSfMC: prototyping
Insight CSfMC
Combining our global material resources with our well-equipped prototyping facility enables us to develop prototypes in just a few days avoiding unnecessary delays to your product’s development. Our warehouse has one of the largest stocks of magnetic cores, as well as a wide range of wires and housings. Our prototyping facility also has its own, dedicated 3-D printer.
Our sample and prototyping facility has winding, soldering processes and gluing /potting equipment. Prototypes and samples are vigorously tested before they leave us, ensuring they are of the highest calibre and quality which in turn expedites you through the development and design phase.
Understanding magnetic materials: How to select the right core material (pt 3 of 4)
Understanding magnetic materials
In part 3, we feature soft magnetic ferrite materials for magnetic cores. We discuss the preparation of the material and core production, their unique properties and different material types that are optimised for specific parameters and their applications. With this insight and knowledge it is easier for the designer to understand the advantages and drawbacks of ferrite material and its different material sorts, types or grades.
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PCIM Europe 16th – 18th May 2017, Nuremburg
PCIM Europe
Custom services for magnetic components not only develops soft magnetic components, we actively participate in industrial research to improve core and components designs in terms of efficiency and stability. At this year’s PCIM conference, Paul Winkler, Msc will present his paper on fringing flux reduction by replacing discrete air gaps with distributed gaps using powder cores in the Poster Dialogue Session. Paul will explain what it means in terms of design, and how it helps to reduce space and losses at 15:30 on 16th May, Foyer Ground Floor Entrance NCC Mitte.
During the show, our engineers will be available on our booth 427, Hall 6, to help you with any magnetic component design questions.
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Design: a step beyond simple, analytical design calculations
To accurately design soft magnetic components, you need to take flux distribution within the core and stray flux into account. Advanced FEM calculations, featured in Q-facts issue 4, - FEM in Product Design - Gadget or Necessity are important but not necessary in every case.
Some advanced considerations can help, however, to include geometrical conditions into design process, answers to questions like: Why the temperature is much higher than expected at the inner edge of core, or why a core starts to saturate earlier than expected? can be found in our article on Flux distribution in cores – and the consequences.
Armed with this knowledge, design failures can be avoided and new designs can reach their full limit or potential.
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