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Issue 7, November 2017
Q Facts
A continuous commitment to research and development
Enes Erdoel
To keep up to date and pioneer new designs, CSfMC actively participates in Research and Development programmes alongside the dynamic demands of the custom inductive component designs.
For this reason we have an ongoing graduate placement programme. Our bachelor graduate student, Enes, successfully completed his thesis while at Acal BFi earlier this year – read the article to learn more about his new design tool.
After attending the SMM23 conference in Seville in September, we share our thoughts on the key themes from the conference.
In this edition of Q-Facts you will also find our updated materials guides, now combined into one complete document for easy reference.
Insight CSfMC: a place for young engineers to learn and pioneer new techniques
A new design process for powder core inductors
Introducing the new, pioneering tool for designing powder core inductors, developed by Acal BFi intern, Enes Erdoel. The tool is easier to use, reduces the development time and cost, improves accuracy and takes into account external factors neglected by traditional analytical and numerical methods.
Find out more about the tool
Understanding magnetic materials: How to select a core material - a complete guide
A user guide to soft magnetic materials
In the last four issues of Q-Facts we featured four groups of soft magnetic materials, including insight into their production, properties and usage. We have now added new information and combined them to create a complete user guide to soft magnetic materials to help you to identify and use the right material for your application.
Download full guide
Industry news: insight from the SMM23 conference in Seville
SMM23 conference in Seville
CSfMC attended the SMM23 conference in Seville, which is probably the biggest conference which focuses exclusively on soft magnetic materials development and applications.
Here are our thoughts on the notable themes coming out of the conference.
Continuous material improvements – in particular amorphous and nanocrystalline materials and silicon steel – resulting in more stable properties and lower losses for future applications.
The ongoing discussion on reduction of losses in magnetic cores or parts for motors vs. inadequate knowledge about origin, calculation and simulation of losses especially under operational conditions vs. the necessity to describe and measure losses accurately.
Here we see a misalignment between academic ambition and practical market requirements, for example the impact of application conditions like mechanical stress, vibrations, temperature and aging as well as the usual production constraints. There is always a trade-off between manufacturing capabilities and repeatable performance to align with simulated accuracy and manufacturers stated data performance.
Therefore you must ask your supplier about the core specification and its relation to true operating conditions for your application.
Materials for magnetocaloric applications – look out for future cooling techniques on the market using cores and soft magnetic materials, which could be used for efficient refrigerators without conventional cooling media.
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