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Issue 8, February 2018
Q Facts
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Q-Facts is now two years old and we have had a very positive reaction from our readers, particularly from the product and application news articles and guides that have been featured so far.
So we are very excited about what we have planned for 2018, which will include more case studies and technical applications. If you have any topics you would like us to feature in the future, please email us at q‑facts@acalbfi.com.
Designing common mode chokes – is there a better core material to use?
Designing common mode chokes
When selecting a high permeable core material for a common mode choke design, an engineer typically uses either a ferrite or a nanocrystalline material as their standard. This is often based on their historical experience or an existing supply base, deploying a trial-and-error approach using material sample boxes from a variety of suppliers.
Does this approach to material selection really give the best results to meet the cost, spatial and electrical requirements of a particular design?
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3D printing drives design time efficiencies in custom inductors
3D printing
3D printing has quickly become a standard tool for designing and producing plastic and even metallic parts for customised inductive components.
Learn more about where and how 3D printing can be used, and what the benefits of this technology are.
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Insight CSfMC: team growth expands specialist knowledge
Insight CSfMC
With the arrival of our additional development engineer and supply chain specialist, the CSfMC are able to increase our capacity for custom product development and supply.
We have expanded our specialist knowledge in EMI components and filters, as well as power conversion component design.
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